So sue x terri mcevoy collab

When I received my Terri X So Sue palette – I immediately started into some arm swatches and honestly, the results were quite disappointing. The shipping in general took quite some time and the packaging itself felt a bit flimsy. Now we have to be very transparent here. It is a €12 eyeshadow palette, it is not going to be groundbreaking by any means. However, I am a big fan of the So Sue lip products and this is actually the first eyeshadow I have ever tried from them – yes I was the only Irish gal who didn’t pick up the Keilidh X So Sue palette! No particular reason why either…it just didn’t pull me. ANYWAYS – back to Terri!

There are 2 matte shades and two shimmer shades in the quad. All shadows fit with the ‘dusty rose’ colour theme. I liked the matte shades – for their price point, but there was quite bit of kick back. I used a lid primer, wet my brush AND applied the shimmer with my finger but could just never get them to work how I really wanted them to.

I even feel looking at the promotional images that the palette looks to be different shades or at least 4 different tones. Unfortunately, I felt all the could muddled together once I had them applied. I can’t see myself reaching for this palette very often if at all. I’m not put off trying other So Sue shadows but for me, this really just wasn’t it.

Daydream Palette