Mark Hill Hair Styling Tools

I would not be the most skilled when it comes to styling my hair so I always found it hard to spend a lot of money on styling tools I wasn’t going to be good at using. This however, is where the Mark Hill products enter the arena.

In the pick and mix range, you purchase the handle/cord and then buy each of the styling irons separately. This means you make a once off purchase of the handle which still only retails for about €14, then you buy the interchangeable irons which each cost in the range of €15 when on offer, full price they are usually in around €20.

My Total cost?

I purchased all these on during their 1/3 off offer, so all of the above came to around €54! which is a STEAL!

In had initially been on the hunt for a ‘Mermaid Weaver’ as seen in the picture above. However most brand were selling them for roughly €100! So when I discovered the interchangeable iron from Mark Hill for about €15, I jumped at the opportunity to get it!

Im gonna have a play about with these irons over the next few days and if I’m impressed, Il be picking up more from the brand!

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