Urban Decay LAsh freak mascara

Urban Decay are giving us a new product to swoon over! A brand new mascara!

So what is so special about this mascara and what makes It different to other mascaras currently available?

The Product

The mascara itself has a unique wand that allows the user to achieve a 3 in one lash effect. The spike side of the brush provides volume and deposits the product, the top of the wand is like a small ball with spikes, this allows the user to define and separate the lashes. Finally, my favourite feature is the smooth, curved side. This side allows the user to get right up into the base of the lashes to add depth.

I can’t actually think of a mascara that has this much thought placed into the function and ease of use of the product. Other claims include 23.6x more volume in your lashes, 40% more visible length and boasts a wear time of up to 20 hours.

Before & After

There is an incredible difference between the two, I really like how true black the colour is! The comb side is also ideal for combing the lower lashes.

Have your tried the new Lash Freak Mascara yet? It is retailing for €23.50 and available wherever you usually grab your Urban Decay products!

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