The Ordinary Foundation

I am OBSESSED with The Ordinary Skincare Range so I absolutely had to try out their foundation.


I am Almost ALWAYS the palest shade of any foundation when I don’t have tan on so the page shade was an easy guess, however I’m always so in the dark about picking my tanned shade because here the undertones are far more important.

The foundations run VERY yellow based. Like, VERY.

I picked up the 1.0 NS (neutral with silver highlights)

and 2.1 Y (medium with yellow undertones)

This image might be helpful for figuring out the tones incase you are looking for buy one!

In Short, these Foundations are €7!

But are they any good? Personally I really like mine, its blends beautifully and there is definitely coverage there but it didn’t cake my face, you could still see elements and characteristics from my skin underneath which I LOVE.

At the end of the day these foundations are around €7, you can really go wrong and I highly recommend you pick up some skincare while you are there! You can pick up The Ordinary products on the Deciem website, they have free shipping to Ireland over €25!

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