Color WoW Dream Filter

I Initially had no idea what this product was all about.

It sounds so vague ‘removing minerals from the hair’ and ‘restoring its color’. I felt like for €28, there were loads of brands offering products to do the same for far cheaper. Either way, Lockdown has me trying everything and anything to maintain my hair so I caved and bought it.

I have never tried a Color WOW product before so I was really going in blind. I had seen hype for this brand all over instagram and my clinical marketer self was like ‘reeeaallly tho? is it actually that good’

Does it Work?

So you saturate your dry hair with the product. I was worried this would result in me burning through the bottle but surprisingly it didn’t.

Once the hair is saturated you leave it for 3-5 minutes then do your usual hair wash routine.

I can definitely say my hair was less ‘green’ and multi tonal then before hand. I followed it with a regular shampoo and then a purple shampoo.

Applied a hair mask for a few minutes, dried my hair and it was clean and felt soft.

Overall, I did notice a difference from the first use so Im going to keep using it when I wash my hair and see how it progresses. It definitely did pull out build up in the hair and the residue from hard water that was making my blonde hair deep, greenish and multi tonal.

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