Wet N Wild Photo Focus Collection Review

I recently reviewed the photo focus foundation that I picked up in a local pharmacy, Have a scroll through my product review section and you will find it!

Today, However I am showing you THE ENTIRE Photo Focus collection that Wet N Wild sent me!

In the collection we have:

3 Powders

5 Foundations 

4 Concealers.


Th overall claim of this collection is that is gives a Perfect complexion finish EVEN with flash photography. They claim it has the foundation has been tested in 7 different lighting conditions. The compound diffuses the light leaving a blurred matte effect on the skin (think photoshopped in real life)

This foundation has SERIOUS coverage and feels super lightweight on the skin and does provide a blurring effect. The shade range is quite small at only 5 different shades, but if you can shade match with any of them, I would definitely recommend you pick one up! Especially considering they are only €6.95!

Shades Are:

  • Soft Ivory
  • Nude Ivory
  • Classic Beige
  • Soft Beige
  • Golden Beige


My FAVOURITE product from the collection was the pressed powders. The powder worked over a variety of different foundations that I own and the product applies so thinly, that it doesn’t cake or ‘layer’ on the skin. It fixed my makeup in place and it didn’t budge. These retail for €5.00

Shades Are:

  • Warm Light
  • Natural Beige
  • Golden Tan

Finally, there are two concealers from this collection that I will be showing you! 

  • Light Ivory 
  • Medium Peach

This concealer melted into my skin and I applied the photo focus powder on top and it didn’t cake so BONUS POINTS AWARDED!
There are no strong fragrances and they contain Vitamin E and Chamomile flower which actually help the under eye skin and help improve the appearance of dry, dull skin! €4.00


I used all the products  for regular makeup looks and halloween makeup looks and for the cost of these products, the quality is amazing!
So I highly recommend you check out your local pharmacies and see if they stock Wet N Wild and at least swatch it for yourself!


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