Wet N Wild : Goth O Graphic Collection

What I’m going to be showing you today is a WHOLE LOT OF PRETTY!





The Wet N Wild Goth O Graphic collection has been wildly hyped online and it is easy to see why!
Imagine a Unicorn and a Goth had a baby aaaaaannnnnd BAM! you have this collection!

In total, this collection features: 

3 Mega Last liquid Eyeliners € 4.50

3 Mega Last Liquid Eyeshadows € 5.50

Mega Glo Loose Highlighting Powder € 6.95

2 Mega Glo Highlighting Powders € 5.25

3 Mega Last Liquid Lipsticks. € 5.00


So as you can see the whole collection is really affordable! The packaging is cute and follows a silver and black colour theme with a silver skull or skulls!


Liquid Eyeliners:

I really like the pastel colour of the Liquid eyeliners, even though they have super thin applicators, It still applies quite thick but that said, the colours are gorgeous.

Liquid Eyeshadows:

It is actually really hard to photograph these in all their glory, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The tones and shimmer are gorgeous and are so versatile for looks! My fav of all 3 is ‘Goth Tears’ – Just go swatch it and YOU WILL SEE WHY!

Liquid Lipsticks:

These don’t apply opaque but you can deffo build them up. I’m not crazy on the shades, I just wish there had been a baby pink or lilac in the range, but the glitter in the product is so thin you don’t feel it.

Pressed Highlighting Powders:

I LOVE BOTH of these! the shades are called ‘Purple Ashes’ and ‘White Raven’. These highlighters have so many tones going on when the sun hits it! So so pretty! you can build it up or keep it natural!

Loose Highlighting Powder:

This is probably one of the biggest steals from this collection in my opinion. You can apply this on face and body and the glow really is beautiful. It is so thin and fine like pixie dust.


L- R: Loose Highlighting Powder, Purple Ashes Pressed Highlighter, White Raven Pressed Highlighter

L-R: Black Butterfly, Pink Coffin Liquid Eyeliners

L-RL Goth Tears, Nyctophilia, Pure Intension Liquid Eyeshadows.

L-R: Death To Unicorns, Pastel Grunge, Wicked Pink



This is a seriously SOLID collection. Deffo lives up to the hype and I can see these FLYING off the shelves!


For me, the loose highlighting powder, the liquid eyeshadows and pressed highlighters are the GEMS of this collection!



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