Urban Decay: Shapeshifter Palettes

Urban Decay shapeshifter Palette Overview : 

Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands and just never lets me down. It is also one of the most requested brands from you guys and today, We have a great post in store for you UD Junkies!

The Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palettes are going to be in everyones makeup collection this year. I am NOTORIOUSLY picky about contour products because the tones have to be specific depending on the skin tones the product is intended for. It can be very hard to nail ‘contour palettes’ without accidentally excluding certain skin types.

Urban Decay however, have absolutely nailed their contour palettes and I’m going to tell you why!

Urban Decay Shapeshifter – Light/Medium Shift

Urban Decay say this palette is perfect for those in the 0.5 – 7.0 foundation spectrum.

The palette itself is double sided with a double sided Mirror in the middle. The compact is sturdy and as usual, looks gorgeous!

One side of the palette holds the creams and the other holds the powders.

3 powders for Contouring and one pearl shade for highlighting.

The other side contains 2 creams for contouring and 2 for color correcting AND one pearl shade for highlighting.

This palette has everything.

Firstly, the powders and cream BLEND like a dream. A DREAM. The heat of your skin is enough to melt it without have to go digging into the pan.

Secondly, the powders and creams can be layered for a long wearing, intense effect.

These products work for those who wants MAXED out full coverage and the ‘barely there’ makeup look.

Urban Decay has loads of helpful tutorials on the different types of contouring at udshapeshifter.com 


Cream finger swatches.

Powder Finger Swatches

Urban Decay Shapeshifter – Medium Dark Shift Palette

While I personally, will be the light medium shift, I was SO HAPPY to see the tones in the medium dark shift.

It has everything, Dark browns, warm reds, banana yellows and that pink/yellow powder highlighter HAS ME DEAD.

Cream Finger Swatches

Powder Finger Swatches (DO YOU SEE THAT HIGHLIGHTER!??!)


Both palettes are absolutely stunning and are going to get a serious amount of use in my personal and professional kit.

Kudos Urban Decay, These are some beautiful palettes. The palettes retail for €47.50 Each and are available NOW!

Urban Decay also brought out a double ended brush to use with the palettes the Shapeshifter Brush. The bristles on this brush are incredibly soft and made from synthetic hair. The ferrule and handle are made from recycled aluminium and recycled plastic. The brush picks up product and transfers the product well without absorbing or retaining the product. The brush retails for €35.00 and is available now.

I always get super excited when Urban Decay bring out new products and as usual thank you to Urban Decay Ireland for sending this on to me!

Have you tried these palettes? Will you be picking one up?

The brand NEW Urban Decay boutique will be opening in Dublin Next Thursday, June 22nd and they will have 100 Naked Heat Palettes in stock! I can’t wait to have a look around what is guaranteed to be Dublin’s new makeup heaven!

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