Urban Decay: Naked Ultimate Basics FIRST LOOK!

Urban Decay.are.on.fire. seriously.

No other makeup brand is currently putting out consistently great palettes/collections.

The Ultimate Naked Basics come right after previous gems like the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani. Urban Decay X Alice. Urban Decay Vice Reloaded and Now this beaut of a palette!

It consists of all MATTE eyeshadows, something us Urban babes have been pining for! Now Before I even go INTO the shades. LOOK AT THE PALETTE DESIGN. *drools*


The stunning palette consists of 12 BRAND NEW SHADES!


I love that Urban Decay don’t skimp on their palettes. So much attention to detail. Check out the size of that mirror!
Also, as usual there is a great quality brush!


As Usual, UD have also released KILLER promo Images such as the one below!


ALSO as usual, they have KILLER names: