Serving some HOT TEA on Rebecca Horgan’s Stats.


I created my twitter account in Aug 2010. 2010!! Just over 7 years ago!

At the time, That was my social media of choice, I loved it, it was buzzing with activity and the ‘the thing’ to be on.

As social media got more and more popular, I started to drift in and out of love with Facebook, mainly due to the algorithm at first, but once it settled down I fell back in love with it and it is currently my favourite social media to use, followed by Snapchat, thirdly by Instagram and finally Twitter.

Twitter started to die a slow, slow death for me. With that came the inevitable abandoning of accounts that followed me. So when I started to get into blogging more (in around 2015-ish) I went back to twitter. Problem was, not many of my previous followers did. It had a second burst of life of sorts and had so many new accounts popping up. My problem, was I still had my account with the guts of 14,000 followers but it was effectively dead in the water. When I came back to twitter, I tried a big giveaway to boost followers and gained around 3,000 but there was no engagement and majority of those followers were inactive as at the time I tweeted about everything and anything, When I came back to twitter beauty focused I gained followers in that area, including brands, PR, other bloggers and general followers.

When the situations about influencers ‘buying likes and followers’ kicked up, I instantly realised HOW my account looked. Did I want to delete it, no. It archived 7 years of me warbling on the internet. Hindsight, I could have saved myself lots of hassle had I just deleted it!

So after much thought, I looked into ways in which I could remove inactive followers. Majority of those services are paid for so gradually, I did it manually, But wasn’t putting enough of a dent in. Whenever a keyboard warrior took issue with me, it was the first thing thrown in my face – your account is fake. It is bought. Options were, Delete the account (should have), Source a way to remove inactive followers or just go with what I had.

Recently, someone I don’t know, completely tore my appearance apart on twitter and what do you know, the fake account dig was thrown, So upon realising this wasn’t going to go away and could In fact hurt my reputation Im going to detail to you all, exactly what I have done to fix this situation. But first, Here is the image a brand re-posted of me, and here is what was said:

Not gonna lie, I was kinda feelin’ myself in this pic.


Hurt bubz. So bad. so bad. Almost hurt as bad as getting those edgy piercings.


FYI: It DID fucking sting, no matter what, it always does. No matter how many horrible things you read about yourself IT STILL STINGS. I made my account private straight away and thought about why someone would launch an attack on me when they themselves state that they don’t know me. But hey I guess thats what defamation of character is and I still wonder if people are aware that you can be sued for a tweet and a retweet. Hence why twitter has no edit button.




I went and FINALLY found a site called ( seemed to work well for me, MINUS one hacking attempt) that allows you to manually or automagically block those who follow you whether they be spam, bot or inactive followers under a certain set of provisions. The main provision being they had not engaged with my profile over a short specific period of time.

Initially I used the service (paid for it) and managed to get the account DOWN from 19,000 to 12,000 MONTHS ago (This DID result in an attempted hack on my twitter account somewhere in the middle of nowhere, this attempted hack spooked me and I stopped the service.)

For €15.00 you can avail of their service where you can set provisions and they will automagically delete accounts that fall under those provisions.

Provisions were: No profile, no profile image – this was mainly for bots, and no engagement with me in a specific time period or no activity on my tweets with a 3 month time period. This was to specifically target the inactive followers.

After having my account thrown back in my face, AFTER my appearance was ripped apart. I had had enough.

I went back to signed up again and let it go to TOWN.

The only issue with this is, you most likely WILL loose genuine followers who just haven’t been all that active lately – which sucks.

So After a few hours, I got the account down from 11,800 to 7,800.

SO why am I the only blogger actively TRYING to delete a follower count?

Well, because I mainly use twitter now to see what other brands are up to, what business are up to. My focus for that site has completely changed. Majority of my followers are young and have ABSOLUTELY no interest in joining twitter, they use snapchat – which is where I am FAR more active OBVIOUSLY. I want anything I do decide to share to be actually seen by those who want to see it and those actually interested in the topics to engage.

As instagram is now getting VERY botty, I have considered doing a ‘culling’ of bots there too. But I will see how it goes. I did a mini cull on profiles who hadn’t interacted with my posts over a 3 month period on Instagram and obviously bot accounts and dropped from 10k to 8k. I mainly did this to see if it would have any positive effect on my engagement ( trying to fight the pesky algorithim) . Facebook and Snapchat are the only sites I find that have the least amount of bots and they are the accounts I am most active on!

So that’s the truth. In detail. BUT incase that isn’t enough. I have some screen shots to explain! Social blade is an amazing site for keeping track of your followers. It has also been credited with being able to ‘out’ bloggers if there is a sudden increase or decrease in followers. 
SO NATURALLY, from using an Auto block software on my twitter account. Iv a pretty serious fuckin’ drop in followers!


Aye, look at it. Pretty intense stuff eh? 

So there you go. Thats everything I did step by step

Oh and here is the mini inactive followers cull I did on Instagram from 10.5 – 8.6:

For any future cullings, I will probably extend the inactive month period to a bit longer then 3 months as that seems to be a bit intense!!

Hope this was somewhat enjoyable and was explained well enough for you guys to understand!

But hey! you can check through my Youtube, Instagram and Twitter Stats at any point on – just type in my usernames.

But to save you the hassle, Here are screen shots:






Some Instagram insights this week for the lollers:




Enjoy the Tea. Sip it though….it’s kinda hot.

In a final note, if I was going to ‘buy’ followers, I wouldn’t pick the least profitable platform. Fucking twitter.