TRESemme Expert Selection and Specialist range

While strolling around Boots the last day, I noticed they had an 3 for €13 offer on the TRESemme Specialist and Expert Selection products.
So I picked up the Specialist Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir, Expert selection Keratin Smooth Beautifying Oil and the Keratin Smooth Restore & Control Conditioner.

Ever since taking my hair silver/grey I have had to really up the hair care products I use.

I have VERY frizzy/Curly hair so DO use a Blowdryer and Hair straightener every time I wash my hair so I also need to protect it from heat as well as the chemicals used when colouring it!


So starting off with the Restore Conditioner and Oil Elixir,
Once I have washed my hair – I usually use a toner and conditioner. A toner can have quite a drying effect on the hair EVEN after you use conditioner. So using the Tresemme Keratin Restore Conditioner will help pump protein into your hair follicles. I leave my hair nestled up in a towel or the amazingly handy tool turbans for roughly 20 mins. Usually until the heavy wet is out of my hair.

I then use around 4-5 pumps of the Oil Elixir, applying it mainly to the body of my hair down to the ends.
I use whats left of the product onto the top of my head. I pull the product through my hair and as I do my hair starts to separate more easily and becomes less coarse and dry. I use this product before I even touch my hair brush because it detangles and separates my hair without all the pulling and dragging!

I blow dry my hair or you can let it dry naturally. My preference is to blow dry my hair then straighten it and then finally apply 2-3 pumps of the Expert Selection Keratin Smooth beautifying Oil. This gives my hair a healthy shine without the greasy feeling! When you get your hair white blonde/grey or silver, it can be hard to get that healthy shine back into your hair.The keratin Smooth oil restores the hair with protein and gives it that healthy look back.

Both oils can be used before heat styling products as heat defence.

I will definitely be picking up the Keratin smooth restore shampoo. It has been a while since I used Tresemme but this offer was the perfect reintroduction!

If you are looking to try out some new hair products – I definitely recommend these ranges Especially while they are on offer in Boots!