Top 3 Tips For Perfect Lashes!

It can be pretty tricky trying to perfect the fine, long lashes effect using ONLY your mascara. No fancy gimmicks or tools!

This relies COMPLETELY on your application technique! To avoid chunky, clumpy, spider leg lashes try my technique!

1) When applying, roll from the very base of the lash outwards to the tips of the lashes. WHILE doing that, roll the mascara wand between your fingers so the wand is twisting in your fingers as you brush it out to the tip. Sounds super tricky and it can be the first few times but once you get into the swing of it – It works WONDERS!

2) Usually, when you pull a mascara wand out of the tube there is a clump of mascara at the top.I always dab that onto the base of my lashes before I brush out. This helps give a darker look to the lashes.

3) When your brush out the lashes, the lashes from the inner corner to the middle of your eye get brushed straight out. The Lashes on the outer corner of your eyes should be combed out towards the temple/ear area. This makes those corner lashes look longer and more angled. The same effect false lashes have!

NOTE: The shape of your wand ACTUALLY does effect how your lashes will turn out. The old reliable, Regular mascara wand works perfectly fine when applied right! Don’t buy into all the TV ads about U shaped wands or the atrocious super thin L’Oreal MANGA mascara style wand.

Practice these techniques over and over and soon you won’t need to put up with any clump lashes!