The Body Shop Vitamin E Range Review

I was recently sent these beautiful goodies in the post to try out/review!
Im currently on the hunt for new skincare so Im trying out EVERYTHING!

When I first read the description, I was a lil bit apprehensive because I don’t have sensitive skin BUT generally products with rose, cucumber or any other ‘natural’ scent or ingredient can make my skin flare up like a tomato.


But regardless, I bit the bullet and tried out the products!
I can happily say, none of the products gave me any kind of a reaction.

In the range you have different products for different skin types which now contain 100% natural origin hyaluronic acid for 48 hour moisture.
I received the products for ‘All skin types’ and thats the perfect match for my skin type.

I tried the ‘Aqua Boost Essence Lotion’ 160ml €16.50
I cleansed all my makeup off and applied this to my skin. TINY amounts go a very long way.
The lotion is SUPER smooth and lightweight – which is something Im very picky about when putting products on my skin. I don’t like heavy/thick products especially when I’m going to bed.
This lotion felt hydrating and once applied I have a very moisturised, plump look to my skin.


I then followed this with the ‘Moisture Cream’ 50ml €17.50
It has your typical creme texture but is nice and lightweight. It sank beautifully into the skin and smells DIVINE!

The Body Shop -Vitamin E Moisture Cream 48H 50ml - €17.50

Come morning time – my skin looked fresh and hydrated. My skin definitely feels softer and moisturised.

For Daytime: I used the ‘Aqua Boost Sorbet’ 50ml €18.95
The texture of this ‘sorbet’ really lives up to its name and sits perfectly under makeup
It feels very lightweight and almost gel like. It glides on the skin and has a mattifying effect!
Again, a little amount goes an awful long way!

Finally, the ‘Moisture Protect Emulsion’ €18.50
This will be the FIRST THING I will be packing for my trip to Spain in July. The only way to describe the smell is that it smells like holidays! It is a nourishing, hydrating milk Emulsion with an SPF of 30. This contains Vitamin E, Wheatgerm oil and biofermented hyaluronic acid.

The range also contains and eye cream for targeted moisture in the eye area. and nourishing night cream for overnight replenishment.
There is also and Intense moisture cream which is thicker and richer then the moisture cream.
It packs in extra hydration for very dry, thirsty skin.


I personally enjoyed using these products and think they are an excellent choice both quality-wise and financially for a teenager purchasing their first skincare, or someone who does not want to use strong chemical skincare products!

These products will be hitting the shelves in May, so pop into your nearest The Body Shop store and try them out for yourself!