Tan Eraser First Impression Review!

I received a lovely little package in the post a few weeks ago, It contained a Tan Eraser – Exfoliating Tan Removal Mitt. Admittedly, I had never come across the product before!

So my first thought was ‘I don’t really wear tan!’ How am I going to test this out?
BUT one thing I do a lot is exfoliate my skin and moisturise.


So I followed the instructions: I wet the mitt and squeezed out excess water.
One side of the Mitt is more coarse then the other so It allows for harder exfoliating.



I started to exfoliate the lighter side of the mitt on my legs and I have to say, it really did a great job of removing any dry or dead skin so that when I did put my moisturise my legs felt velvety smooth!

I have Put some tan on and tested the tan removal claim it makes and It backs that up 100%
It is brilliant for removing patchy tan or completely removing your tan for your next application.

Just give your mitt a wash after each use and be sure to remove all tan from the mitt, you can also just pop it into your washing machine!

The mitt itself retails for €8.99 and you can find it in pharmacies nationwide.

you can find more information about Tan Eraser at: