Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! So it is New Years Eve! I always kind of hated New Years eve because it MASSIVELY fucks up any and all plans for my birthday on January 2nd. Ugh life. Anywho! I wanted to talk to you guys about the NEW YEAR! and whether you have resolutions and my advice on how […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Her!

Christmas is that one time of the year where lads can redeem themselves for being general vacant, xbox playing zombies by absolutely nailing a present that yo woman would NEVER have expected you to get her. Your digital gal pal Bekka is here, once again to keep you all in the good books. Ok, so […]

Kiss NY Professional Brand Review

Kiss NY products are available in Pennys (WOO!) I have a mix of eyelashes, eyelash glue and brow products to show you guys and let you all know what I think!   So lets start with the eyebrow products! Im quite religious when it comes to my brow products. I tend to rely heavily on […]

UR Makeup – Concealer and Makeup Mist – First Impressions!

I was first introduced to UR Makeup when they brought out one of my favourite beauty industry books called ‘UR Makeup Industry’ book. Nichola filled me in on the fact they were releasing cosmetics and kindly sent me some in the post! I received a setting spray and a full coverage concealer along with a […]

DIY: Banana Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Every now and again, hair gets tired of the shit we do to it. We must take care of our mane and nothing does that better then a deep conditioning treatment. Now you COULD just go buy one in store but likelihood is, it will also have some silicone and other chemicals in it that […]