Kiss NY Pro Masks Review

I LOVE face masks. They are hugely beneficial to your skincare routine but most people leave it out due to one of two reasons, they think they are a fad and not essential or they do not invest that much time in their skincare. If time is your issue, I highly recommend you check out […]

DIY: Banana Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Every now and again, hair gets tired of the shit we do to it. We must take care of our mane and nothing does that better then a deep conditioning treatment. Now you COULD just go buy one in store but likelihood is, it will also have some silicone and other chemicals in it that […]

The Body Shop: SUPERFOOD Masks!

The body shop have ONCE AGAIN brought out a MUST HAVE addition for you beauty regime. The Superfood Face Masks. They kindly send me 2 from the range of 5 to try out!