Jaclyn Hill X Morphe : The Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill. Also known as Makeup OVERLORD, has unveiled a BRAND NEW collection with Morphe Cosmetics! This collection is called The Vault and I AM HERE FOR IT. Normally with palettes, I can pick out colours that I wont use and that typically puts me off purchasing a palette. This collection however is VERY different. […]

Celeb Tan Review!

I was recently sent a bottle of Celeb Tan, a new tanning mousse that is paraben free, Alcohol free and contain organic actives! When it comes to my skin I’m a bit psychotic! Moisturising, exfoliating and just general care of my skin is a big deal to me so I like any body products to […]

Wet N Wild : Photo Focus Foundation Review

About Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation: This is one of THE most anticipated affordable foundations! Wet N Wild are known for bringing out incredible Products of great quality so this foundation caught my attention. It’s one thing to make great eyeshadows, but foundations and skin products are the make or break of a brand! […]

Urban Decay: Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid

Overview on the Urban Decay Highlighting Fluids: Contouring was brought to the fore-front by Kim Kardashian, then we briefly experienced ‘strobing’ but not enough brands had the product catalog ready to cater to the strobing trend. Strobing is where you used highlighters to brighten and illuminate areas of the face instead of using contouring to hollow […]

Hair: Protein or Moisture?

When it comes to haircare, there are so many elements that need to be considered. Do you use hot tools on a regular basis? Chemical treatments such as bleach often? Do you style your hair every day? Generally, knowing how you treat/can damage your hair will answer the protein or moisture question, but if you […]