Jennifer Rock also known as ‘The Skin Nerd’ has been helping people with their skin issues for years and as a result very clearly knows her stuff about products and best treatments. Jennifer has just launched her own skincare line that you can mix with other products your currently use so if you have a fav product that you love to use, you don’t have to ditch it!

The overall line is based on ‘The Core Four’ + 3 mix and match products.

The Core Four

  1. Preprobiotic Cleanse 10ml €25 (Dark Blue packaging)
  2. Skin veg 30ml. €42 (Pre Serum + Penetrant Enhancer) (Green packaging)
  3. Skin Protein 30ml €42 (Red packaging)
  4. Skin Shield 100ml €42 (Orange packaging)

Mix & Match

The mix and match product allow you to specifically target skin concerns. You only use them when you need them!

Ah-HA Cleanse 100ml €25
Exfoliating cleanser + resurfacing micro mask

Sally Cleanser 100ml €25
Salicylic Acid Cleanser, Spot Zapper + micro mask.

Skin Good Fats 30ml €42
Ceramide Barrier Balm

That is the product line run down, as soon as I have the products I will do another post – more review based!