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Brands/PR Agencies/Companies can contact my business email at
Before contacting, please read the following rules below:


** DISCAIMER** does NOT USE AFFILIATE LINKS OR BRAND ADVERTISEMENT IN THE SIDEBAR OF THIS SITE. ZERO commission is made on my behalf. This site is run and funded solely by myself. A fact I am quite proud of. HONESTY, INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY are what I always promise to offer any readers of this site.


  • I regularly receive products from different PR/brands to try out. There are no set out rules that have been agreed upon so I review these products like I would any other. Generally I include ‘PR’ in the tags or I say the items were ‘Gifted’ – Any gifted items are always written from my own opinion and perspective with no outside influence.


  • Any PAID FOR posts on any of my social media sites as well as Youtube & this website will have #AD, Generally brands will have information they would like me to mention in these posts. I will make it exceptionally clear that the post is sponsored.


Unless a post is PAID FOR, I will NOT be including shopping links. Any inserted links are at the authors discretion.