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Brands/PR Agencies/Companies can contact my business email at
Before contacting, please read the following rules below:


** DISCAIMER** does NOT USE, ONE SINGLE AFFILIATE LINK OR BRAND ADVERTISEMENT IN THE SIDEBAR OF THIS SITE. ZERO commission is made on our behalf. This site is run and funded solely by myself. A fact I am quite proud of. HONESTY, INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY are what I always promise to offer any readers of this site.


  • I regularly receive products from different PR/brands to try out. There are no set out rules that have been agreed upon so I review these products like I would any other. Generally I include ‘PR’ in the tags or I say the items were ‘Gifted’ – Any gifted items are always written from my own opinion and perspective with no outside influence.


  • Any PAID FOR posts on any of my social media sites as well as Youtube & this website will have #AD, Generally brands will have information they would like me to mention in these posts. I will make it exceptionally clear that the post is sponsored.


Unless a post is PAID FOR, I will NOT be including shopping links. Any inserted links are at the authors discretion. You can request a Press Kit for various pricing.