My Platinum Hair Extensions Transformation

Perfect Hair, All the time!

I recently got my fourth set of Platinum Hair extensions and I’m STILL IN LOVE. I am a brand ambassador for Platinum and absolutely adore getting to rep their incredible product!

This time, In the brand spanking new salon I was able to get a full head of highlights, toner and a fresh set. Danielle did an incredible job an I LOVE how my hair turned out.

Moreso, I could not believe how much healthier my own hair has become while having the extensions.I do make a cautious effort, however, to take very good care of them.


Here I am with NO extensions! It’s so weird having short hair!

Here I am with my extensions out, and before all the colouring magic!

This next picture is after a full head of highlights and toner.

I also bought a Kevin Murphy Shampoo and Masque which smell ABSOLUTELY amazing!

When I got home I bought the Alfaparf blow dry cream and anti-breakage treatment because they smelt SO GOOD!

And finally, this is 3/4 head of Platinum Hair Extensions applied!


Before Platinum, I had never tried extensions and I would encourage anyone considering it to give them a go!

The salon on buttermilk lane in Galway is absolutely stunning and the girls in there are incredible at what they do!

The hair is extremely high quality and I have never had any issue with bonds falling out or matting!

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