Platinum Hair Extensions – FAQ

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So  I am currently onto my second set of Platinum hair extensions and whenever I mention them on social media I get so many questions. Im hoping this post will clear some of those questions up! Platinum Offer me the extensions complementary and since I told you guys I have been getting them the questions have honestly been pouring in!

  1. Does It hurt to get them applied?
    Not. at . all! Honestly! The girls just straighten your hair, section it out and depending on whether you are getting a 3/4 head, full head or whatever, they apply the bonds! The take a thin piece of your hair, wrap the top of the hair extension around it, press it closed with a Keratin glue and that’s it!
  2. Are they hard to maintain?
    Honestly, in the scale of it all – no. I brush mine morning and night with a hair extension brush. I make sure to pull my fingers through my hair up by the bonds to avoid matting. I use specific shampoos that cleanse but are gentle on the hair. Once a week I use a deep nourishing treatment mask. When I have washed my hair, I use a leave in conditioning treatment and dry my hair completely, then tie it into a plait.
  3. Does it knot at night time?
    I tie my hair in a plait and have never had an issue of it matting.
  4. Do they shed badly?
    I didn’t have an issue with shedding but I was using products that platinum recommended. The longevity of the extensions really depend on your aftercare.
  5. Do they Style well?
    Oh my god they really really do! And just like normal hair they stay super soft and don’t Harden or feel cheap. I switch between using a curling iron or an Instyler Max and both leave the prettiest curls in my hair.
  6. Do they feel heavy on your head?
    I barely notice they are there! seriously, they feel like my own hair! its a little mind-blowing!
  7. Do removals hurt?
    Nope! The girls spray a solution on the bond and it literally pops open! then they comb out any remaining glue and of course your hairs regrowth!
  8. Do they damage your own hair?
    Nope! If anything it really helped to improve the condition of mine, because I style the extensions and not my own hair.

Gals, like I said on snapchat. Im OBSESSED with Platinum Hair! I have gotten so many complements on my hair and the overall condition of my own hair and length grew.
If you are looking to get extensions I highly recommend you get a consultation at Platinum, how the girls blend the hair extensions in with your own hair so flawlessly BLOWS MY MIND!

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