Perfect Tanning tips

I wouldn’t consider myself a frequent tanner, cause to be honest, I like my pasty ass self the way I am – blinding people on sunny days and also acting as a reflector for my friends and I at nighttime.

However, every so often I do venture to the golden side.

So here are my rarely tested recommendations hahaha HEY! They have worked every time for me so Id suggest you give them a go!

1) Exfoliate
I exfoliate a day or two prior to tanning. An exfoliator I like to use is the Tough Stuff by Cocoa Brown.

2) Moisturise
ALOT! Seriously, if you want an even application make sure your skin is soft and fully moisturised! So I moisturise in the morning and nights before tanning.

3) Applicator
Make sure you are using a good mitt! I ADORE the mitt from Catwalk HQ. Like it has a thumb pocket guys, A THUMB POCKET. Its just so soft and great for blending!

4)  Undertones
Make sure the tan you are using has a nice tone to it. Sometimes, it is better to pay a little bit extra for a good tan then a cheap Oompa loompa one. Doing a lil researching online helps with this, check out pictures of people wearing different tans!

My fav tans to use are Catwalk HQ or Celeb Tan.

5) Method 
When applying the tan, ensure to use circular motions and blend blend blend!

Most tans have a bronze guide colour, so you may look at your self after application and think, my god, WHAT HAVE I DONE? But don’t worry! That super dark, intense shade will wash off. I always find my tan shade is PERFECT after the second shower. So after 2/3 hours, I shower and honestly it looks like theres barely anything there, then I go to sleep and wake up like Gisele, Its class lads! (disclaimer: Im more of a gremlin that just got set on fire version of Gisele)

I should have mentioned earlier, then tanning your hands, use what is left on the mitt after you have applied it to another part of your body, make a claw with your hand and rub the reside on. The hand is tricky to master but you will get it after a while!

8) Shaving
I prefer to shave AFTER I have tanned. That way the tan won’t sit into the pores!


God Speed!

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