NeoStrata Roundup! After 2 Months of Using the products!


*this post contains paid product placement!*

I have been working with NeoStrata the past 2 months and using their products as my skincare routine.

I have more or less used up all the products- which is already a good sign!

How I used them:

I used the Clarifying Cleanser as my second cleanser at night and always used it in the shower!

I used the Brightening Cleanser as my morning cleanse. I liked the thicker consistency of this one and it has a super slight citrus scent which I think is why I was inclined to use it as my morning cleanse!

I used the Tri-Therapy Lifting serum every night and ADORED IT. Every morning that I was not in a rush I applied it then as well.

I used the Bionic Lotion on my body, it can be used on the face too but I REALLY liked the hydrated sheen it gave my body.

I used the Step 1 and 2 of the Line Lift products at night but generally kept it out of my morning routine to save time because I am woeful at getting out of bed in the AM!

Final Verdict:

I have thoroughly enjoyed using the products and I am so grateful that NeoStrata decided to collab with me!.

No matter how much someone gets paid to use a product, when it comes to skincare I won’t put my skin at risk. So the fact I solely used these products day and night for 2 months says a lot about the quality.

I would recommend these products to someone looking for strong skincare results-wise that is gentle on the skin!


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