My Top Winged Liner Tips!

HD Eyeliner Tutorial Post:

The winged liner. Those 3 words can sen shivers down to the core of any makeup newbie! In this post, Im ging to cover the most popular techniques, most popular products and my top tips for the perfect wing!
Nailing a winged liner can be quite achievable!
Most of it involves finding your preferred method:
– Gel Liner
– Liquid Liner
– Shadow Liner

1) Gel liner + Brush.
The thinner and stiffer the angled brush, the better the end result will be!
My favorite brush for doing gel liner is the MAC .
My fav gel liner is Inglot 77, But any brands do loads of gel liners in different colors! IF you want an opague color-avoid purples, they will ‘separate’ and will be kinda purple and kind of translucent!

2) Liquid Liner.
These products generally come with an applictor in the form of a brush or a stiff pointed applicator. My favorite is Essence Liquid Ink, It stays in place all day and is JET black and it’s SUPER CHEAP! I find liquid liners are the easiest ones to start off with until you gain a little more skill! When using a liquid liner, the less steps you do the better!!

3) Shadow Liner.
This is where you use a thicker (or thinner) angled brush, dab it into some eyeshadow and trace just above the lash line, this gives a very soft smokey effect to the eye makeup. Also, th eapplication doesn’t have to be perfect because it is not a sharp defined line! Any good pigmented dark shadow will do! I like to use the Real Techniques Angled liner brush!

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