My Chamilia Charm Bracelet Charm Meanings!

I love how personal charm bracelets can be! I like to pick charms based on hobby and achievements!
Here are my charms (all of which my boyfriend got me) on my bracelet:

– Alice in wonderland ‘Drink Me’ bottle:
I love Alice In Wonderland, The animated movie creeped me out as a kid because it was so different from the rest of the Disney movie collection. Disney is a re occurring theme in my life!
-Darth Vader
I love all things comic and nerdy
– Lipstick
For my love of makeup
– Moon
Everyone knows I’m OBSESSED with the planets and space
– Coffee Cup
self explanatory
– ‘Do or do not, there is no try’
Again, Star Wars and this quote sums up my approach to life
– Heart & Arrow
My boyfriend got me this! <3
Bekka LOVES cupcakes hahahaha
– 2 purple beads
purple is my fav color
-Disney castle
Again DISNEY. Also its one of my dreams to go to Disneyworld and eat THE GREY STUFF in the castle!
– Pharaoh
I love ancient Egyptian history and it is also on my bucket list to go to The Valley Of the Kings and other tomb sites in Egypt.
– Minnie Mouse
because she is MISS MINNIE MOUSE.

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