Kiss NY Professional Brand Review

Kiss NY products are available in Pennys (WOO!)

I have a mix of eyelashes, eyelash glue and brow products to show you guys and let you all know what I think!


So lets start with the eyebrow products! Im quite religious when it comes to my brow products. I tend to rely heavily on my beloved MAC pencils! 


So lets take a closer look at what we have!

The product at the top of the picture below is ‘Top Brow’ Sculpting Brow Pencil, In shade Chocolate! €14.99

On one side is a twisty brow pencil and the other side is a brow gel for keeping those brows securely in place!



Next up in the photo is a double ended pencil! One side is a highlighting pencil and the other is a brown brow pencil. 2 in 1 products are perfect for travelling! 
The highlight side is buttery and perfect for blending out and the pencil is hard and perfect for drawing individual lines.



Finally, we have a twisty fine precision brow pencil in shade ‘warm medium brown.’ €11.99


While I do love this style of brow pencil for drawing on individual small lines, Sometimes they aren’t travel friendly! So keep that in mind! I do love this style of pencil for filling in the inner corner of my brow and having a spooly on the other end helps to shape the brows so you know where to fill in.


So those are all the brow pencils covered, Next up is brow powders, brow cream, eyelashes and eyelash glue!
The brow palette contains 2 different brow powders and a wax for sealing your brows in place. The trio I am showing you today is the shade ‘Chocolate’.  I actually love these little palettes for numerous reasons!
I always use two different shades for my eyebrows, a darker brown for my arch and tail, and a lighter brown for the inner brow, so these lil palettes are so ideal for travelling because you have all 3 products in the one! €11.99

I personally love using brow creams with an angled eyeliner brush to define the brow and then use a powder to fill in!


I have used KISS NY lashes on numerous occasions and always found them long lasting and the lash and wasn’t too thick.

These were the first products I had ever used by KISS NY and as an introduction to the brand I really liked them and will deffo be checking out more products from the brand!

You can find KISS NY products in Pennys! (Primark)

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