Kiss NY Pro Masks Review

I LOVE face masks. They are hugely beneficial to your skincare routine but most people leave it out due to one of two reasons, they think they are a fad and not essential or they do not invest that much time in their skincare.

If time is your issue, I highly recommend you check out Asian skincare routines! haha

Anyways, the masks you use and when you use them are important. For example, you aren’t going to use a pore unclogging one EVERY.SINGLE.DAY because that just isn’t good for your skin. TOO much abrasive product is not good. I would use a deep cleansing mask one a week and a hydrating one roughly every second night.

The Kiss NY PRO masks have a WIDE range of masks for lots of different skin conditions/needs.

The masks also come in two ranges,  A Cotton mask €2.95 ( like a regular sheet mask) and a Gel mask. €6.50

These are the masks I have kindly been sent to try out:

  • Soothing cucumber
  • Nourishing Honey
  • Brightening Lemon
  • Moisturising Aloe Vera
  • Mattifying Green Tea
  • Pore Minimizing Charcoal
  • Hydro Gel Rose Hip Mask.
  • Hydrating coconut water mask

I LOVE the hydro gel masks. There is SO MUCH saturation of product that there is plenty left over, which I then use on my body.

The Cotton sheet masks are perfect for a 10 minute nightly routine mask.

Im currently using very strong skin care so I am careful of the types of masks I am using. However I have not had any issue with any of these masks.


The masks feel far more luxurious then the price tag attached!

You can get them in Pennys/Primark and I highly recommend you try them out for yourself.


Overal Opinion:

I really do like these masks. I find it really hard to fault them and when they are this good, I cannot understand why anyone would spend a lot of money on a face mask. These are definitely masks you need to try for yourself!!


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