Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette

What is it?

The highly anticipated Morphe palette finally has a launch date! Jaclyn Hill is one of YouTubes biggest beauty gurus. Jaclyn has collaborated with brands such as Becca Cosmetics and has a huge social media following always eager to hear her product recommendations.

Who are Morphe:

Morphe are a ‘social media brand’ – which means they are a brand that formed online and through collaborations and sponsorships with online Influencers, have dramatically grown over time.

Launch Date:

21st of June will see the day the internet crashes as hundreds of thousands try to be lucky enough to get their hands on the palette.

The palette consists of a mixture of warm and bright vivid colours!


The Palette is to retail for $38, Which is higher then the usual Morphe price point. The most expensive palette usually being in around $29. This is a no-brainer as to why, this palette also have to generate enough of a cut of the profits for Jaclyn, as she was involved the process of selecting colours, forumlas and of course – putting her name on the product.



As Jaclyn is one of the biggest beauty YouTubers out there, drama always tends to follow swiftly behind. There was a total meltdown following her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. After poor reviews were coming in about some of the palettes, Jaclyn had them pulled – which would have been at a huge cost to the brand, So when Becca announced that one of the highlighters would be made permanent, Jaclyn publicly commented on their Instagram stating that she knew nothing about it. In my opinion, financially for Becca Cosmetics it made sense. They needed to increase the profits that they lost by pulling the poorly received products from the collection. So if you are thirsty for some tea, read about how it all went down here at Teen Vogue.

But look, Jaclyn is basically a queen ok? I will be fighting online to buy this palette along with 90% of the population. Il EVEN be paying the EXTORTION that is custom fees to get it into my hands in Ireland.


Did I mention Jaclyn is a QUEEN tho?