HOW TO: Silver | Grey Hair

I have just uploaded a video to my youtube with all the deets on how to get Silver/Grey hair THE HEALTHIEST WAY POSSIBLE.

I have been dying my hair for years and I have brought my hair back from the brink of extinction due to over bleaching. So I have tried almost every product going and I have compiled my top colouring and after care products. I will also do a mini list here featuring all the products that regardless of what they promised, destroyed my hair.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet (€13.40 -Beauty Bay) toning shampoo is THE best purple shampoo on the market – FACT.
I bought 2 shampoos from a hairdressers suppliers that were recommended to me by professionals and they did nothing for my hair. I came across Fudge online and It COMPLETELY transforms my hair!
I like my hair to be more on the grey/purple side – so I leave this in my hair for upwards of 2 hours and I applied it while my hair was BONE dry. IT WILL stain your hands for a few days so DO use gloves. but what I found impressive was that it was strong enough to stain my hands but DID not stain my already white hair purple! It smells amazing and nourishes the hair. It’s also super affordable! You can get it from their website, beauty  bay or Amazon. If you are not a professional, a purple shampoo is your best bet for toning your hair at home. you can go to a hair dresser to get your hair toned, roughly costs about €25/30. But prepare for the ‘you should have come to me’ lecture. Also be realistic, don’t go into a hairdressers with bright yellow/orange hair that has been fried to death because they will not risk touching your hair – Which is fair enough!

So, Once I have washed this out of my hair I wash my hair like normal with the Redkin Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. 
This stuff REALLY helped repair my hair after all its bleaching and continues to repair it while I damage it daily with straighteners and blowdryers. (Amazon has various prices generally in around £20/€27 for the duo)

So once I have the hair washing done, I towel dry it to take out the heavy wet and apply 2 pumps of the Redkin Extreme Anti Snap leave in treatment. The easiest way to explain this is that it is very VERY similar to Olaplex but doesn’t repair the hair bonds AS MUCH as Olaplex. I place the two pumps on my hands and work it though my hair making sure I apply it over the bleached strands and also where the bleached hair meets the unbleached hair on the hair shaft. This is SUCH a breaking point on your hair so you really need to give it some love and attention. (Amazon has various prices generally in around £16 / €20)

( Hairdressers also sell the Redkin shampoo and conditioner in Sets for ROUGHLY €30 so check out your local salon before you go hunting online.)


A lot of people will tell you not to put loads of product into your hair and that it is bad for your hair but I have tried the Au Natural approach and found my hair regained it’s healthiness and shine by using product so Im going to share with your the products that saved my Silverfox mop!

After using the Redkin Anti Snap, I use John Frieda Leave in Frizz Ease Conditioner.(€9.00 Boots)

This tames any wild and busy hair, leaving far more manageable. This also means I don’t have to straighten or style my hair. I spray this all over and then towel dry it a bit more. (If I wasn’t going to style it, I would just tie it in a plait overnight and my hair will be nice and wavy the following day)

NEXT STEP: While my hair is still quite damp,  I use Tresemme Heat Defence. (€7.49 – Boots – 300ml) This protects my hair from the heat in blowdryers, straighteners and curlers!

The last product I use while my hair is damp is the Tresemme Specialist Oleo Radiance Oil (€14.99 – Boots). I apply two pumps onto my hand and pull through my hair.


After Blow drying and straightening my hair, It can tend to look a little dead and needs something to give it a healthy shine, So I apply two pumps of the Toni and Guy shine serum (€9.99 Boots 30ml), lightly from the roots down. This gives the nicest gloss over the body of the hair but be careful because too much will make your hair feel greasy and not to groovy!


I use two hair masks to give my hair a boost every now and again!
The John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Mask (€8.49 Boots)for overnight care and the Aussie 3 minute miracle (€7.79 Boots) for intense nourishment during a shower.

If you think your hair needs some additional TLC then I highly recommend you check out these products and let me know how you get on by sending me a snap or tweet!

Check Out the video here!

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