Harley Quinn Gotham Garage Statue

I have never really uploaded my Harley Quinn collection but the more I snap about new statues I get, the more you guys ask to see the full collection! SO! Im going to gradually start uploading them here!

This is probably the most expensive statue I have ever bought. the retail for this is €490 BUT I managed to haggle it down to €410 which makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!
So what makes this statue so much more expensive and unique then the bombshells? Well, A LOT. This is the second edition of this statue. First Edition had her loyal hyenas Bud and Lou but due to a lot of breakage in shipping they brought out the second edition without them.


IMG_0183 IMG_0184

Firstly, the base of this statue weighs a ridiculous amount but on the flip side it feels secure and sturdy.
The actual statue of Harley herself is very anatomically perfect. Unlike the bombshells, a lot of detail has gone into this statue down to muscle definition. The texture effect on her clothing is perfect and likewise with the motorbike.

If I had one complaint, it is that Harley and the bike don’t side very securely onto the base. I was worried about the weight of it in my glass cabinet but I couldn’t sit it out because all it would take is one bump and Harley would be off the bike.

A lot of attention and detail went into this statue and for those reasons alone, I just had to have it in my collection.



I always found it hard to get Harley Quinn Collectibles that I didn’t already have, Even tho I mainly collect from the Bruce Timm era, I still love anything and everything Harley. Now with Warner Bros new Suicide Squad movie coming out Im expecting there to be a whole heap of new Harley merch and Im pretty excited to see Margot Robbie in the role.


This is one of my IKEA display cabinets! This statue actually wouldn’t fit in normally so I had to put it in at an angle, the weight of it on the glass shelf does give me sleepless nights but theres not much I can do! Im afraid If I take it out of the case it will get a knock and Harley will fall.