Happy New Year!

Is it that it time of year already??

….and what a year it has been!!

I just wanna start off by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me and my adventures over the past year!
I have only started on my adventures and there are so many more to come!
I accomplished so many things this year I never thought I would!
I got my certificate for Fashion & Design, set up my own clothing line, did a lot of makeup work and worked with so many great people!
I met new people and made friends with people I didn’t think I would (ahem…LISA – HAHA)

This year my blog passed Half a MILLION…HALF A MILLION VIEWS!
which is all thanks to you guys for checking it out!
I worked with some great companies and built great business relationships!
My life with Declan has only gotten better and we are as solid as always!
AND I launched my own website! with the help of the ever tech brainy Denver!

I also completely changed my diet to Gluten free and Dairy free. It was tough at the start but I’m loving it now!
I also joined a gym to get fit and its been one of the best decisions of my life!

So, all in all I couldn’t have enjoyed 2013 more! and Im bursting at the seams to get into 2014!

I learned a lot of life lessons personally and professionally in 2013 and it has all been a great learning curve.

2014 is a big year for me!
I will officially have a business. I am most definitely in for a wild ride!

– As I mentioned before Pro Art Magazine is launching next year across Ireland. A nice big glossy Magazine for all the beauty and fashion addicts of Ireland! I am its creator and editor. I cannot wait to see it out on the shelves!
– My Boyfriend and I will be heading over VIP for London Fashion Weekend!! Full blog post on that coming in the next few weeks!

And there is SO MUCH more crazy awesome news & collaborations to announce, but unfortunately I can only say it when I get the nod from the people in suits!

I wish every single one of my readers the best 2014 they could imagine!!
If all goes according to plan, I will be watching the new years celebrations from DisneyWorld Florida.