Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

So it is New Years Eve! I always kind of hated New Years eve because it MASSIVELY fucks up any and all plans for my birthday on January 2nd. Ugh life.

Anywho! I wanted to talk to you guys about the NEW YEAR! and whether you have resolutions and my advice on how to achieve what you want to achieve without throwing some ‘Mindfulness Pat Divily’ shit your way.

I tend to not go by resolutions as such and more so just plan out big and small goals for the year,

My Goals for 2018 are all personal based.

  • I want to improve myself and grow. 

    Carry on learning new skills. I love learning new stuff! Especially things I have no idea of or have never done before. 
    Totally bitten by the gym bug, I plan to keep pushing it until I get bored at the very least. I love the fact that there isn’t really an end to a goal when its gym related, you can always lift heavier and I like never ending challenges because they keep me focused.
    Im pretty much an introvert. Happy to be doing my own thing because I can work better that way, so I can be pretty socially awkward with people I don’t know and It’s frustrating considering what I do for a living. I can also get pretty bad social anxiety so if I can work on that in anyway in 2018, Il be delighted!


  • Blog/Social Media:
    Outside of that, I want to really stride onwards with my blog and social media, so many amazing things happened this year with  The Beauty Bible and I’m super determined to push forward with it next year, bringing in new categories, collaborations and far far more content.


  • Good aul college
    All going well, I will carry on into 3rd year in September. Not gonna lie, I was definitely caught off guard with the Christmas exams, I was just in no way prepared which to be fair is quite unlike me. I was still only adjusting to juggling everything I do.


  • Full Driving Licence.
    Its going to fucking happen this time! hahaha Actually sick of it at this stage!


  • Travel.
    Definitely going to do some more travelling this year, I love getting out and seeing new places and experiencing new things so I really want to make more of an effort to travel more in my free time.


My advice for achieving your goals:

Don’t consider the new year as a new start,
For some reason I always feel September has more of a ‘new start’ feeling to it!
If you consider 31st/1st as the new year then if you slip in your quest to achieve your goals during the year, often times you can write off the rest of the year and think, Il start again next year. I prefer to use New Years Eve to reflect on the year gone by and what I DID achieve and what I want to build on from there. My goals for each year are always built on the foundations of what I have already achieved. 

Don’t aim too high,
Keep your goals realistic. The will obviously requite a lot of work, but don’t try to achieve everything in one year.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed about reworking parts of your life to achieve your goals. If someone isn’t thrilled with the fact you are going to the gym instead of a night out, screw them. You do what you need to do to achieve your goals. The real, proper people in your life will support you. Ditch the others.

Your happiness is paramount,
Your goals should make you happy, the journey might be tough and tiring but if it at any point starts affecting how  you feel then maybe readjust your goals.  Your happiness and mental health is paramount to everything else.

Enjoy it.
With the right drive, determination, resilience and focus you WILL achieve what you want. You should never question your ability of achieving your goals. If you let doubt creep in, it can often take over. The journey will give you stumbling blocks and some seriously shit curveballs along the way, but Iv always believed failure is the best teacher. Just keep focused.



“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”


Nothing is owed to you. Nothing will be given to you. Get into the game. Play the game, Win the game.