Social Media How to: Grow Your Online Presence.

Ah, Social Media. This is easily one of my most requested topics! While there is no ‘one answer’ to this question, It requires more of an understanding about what it is you are doing and what the unique element is.

Here are the Top 5 General Social Media tips I have learnt along the way:

Be A Social Media Info Sponge:

TALK TO PEOPLE. Any books claiming to tell you how to grow your social media are simply reinforcing points a simple google search would tell you. (But books feel more legit right?) Talk to someone who has experience or knowledge in the area. Preferably experience. This is definitely one of those situations where being ‘book smart’ about the topic doesn’t count for shit. Accept you don’t know things and seek help. Don’t be a dick tho, offer something in return. To a social media manager/digital marketer their time is money. Make it worth their time, They might not necessarily want money, but anything in return to show you aren’t using them will be appreciated.

Pride aside and likes will rise – Like my motto? me too! It’s why I created it.

I used to go for interviews as  a social media manger and the PR companies would regularly ask me for DETAILED strategies they could use for a client or give me briefs to complete – ALL BEFORE even deciding whether they would hire me. Yeah, no thanks hun.

A separate fun fact, I once had my course tutor ask me to set up, grow, create content, post and monitor a blog for her daughter who would have absolutely no hand in any of it because – her daughter wanted to work in fashion and having a successful blog would be beneficial – sure Im good at it, so whats the problem??

Do you SEE what I mean about being used? It sucks. But Im the kind of asshole who can shoot that shit down FAST.

Knowledge is awesome. Share it. 

Monitor Your ‘Social Media Mindset’:

If you can’t see the benefits of a strong digital media presence and don’t consider it a legitimate job for someone, then thats fine. Chill and watch your competitors sail on past you. If you consider digital marketing just a drop in the ocean you won’t get far either, think of your social media like a pond/lake that joins onto the wider ocean. All you need is a few strong ripples to get a riptide going, from riptide we get a current, then from current we get a whole damn tsunami. 

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”


Quality Social Media Content:

Just because posting to social media is free, does not mean you should post every single cute picture of your cat/dog up. It costs upwards from €200 to post an advertisement image in a newspaper. I always post with the mentality of ‘would I pay €200 to post this online?’ Soon, you will notice the quality of your content get better because you are more aware/critical.

Better quality = better interactions = more followers.


Know Your Social Media Brand:

Whether you are  blogger or a business, KNOW WHAT YOUR PRODUCT IS and WHO your Customer is.

Is your product visual? Is it physical? If so, why are you on twitter? Learn the difference between  the social media platforms and why posting the same shit across the board is lazy. If you are lazy, you haven’t a hope of actually acting on the previous 3 points mentioned, So you can just stop reading at this point. Also, stay away from automated responses for christ sake.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”

Social Media HASHTAGS

Are you using the most popular hashtags because they have MILLIONS of pics with the same hashtag? Yeah. bad idea buddy.

The more images using the same SUPER popular hashtags as you means your image is only in the ‘recent’  section of a search for literally, SECONDS. Then quickly gets pushed down – there is only so far someone will scroll – even on Instagram. You want those images you put work into to stay and BE SEEN.  Also the more popular the hashtag the more bots come your way – have you SEEN Terminator? I-Robot? = General rule of thumb, Bots are bad.