Fitness Update!

Right! SO! Summer is literally about 2 months away so its time to get sharp about diet and training!
Im happy with my training at the moment but know I need to make changes with my diet and add in some more cardio.

With my college exams starting in May and the studying process beginning now, It can be hard to maintain my training schedule. Right now, im weight training about 4 days a week with a 5th day focusing on cardio.

Diet is getting the biggest shakeup. Im reducing my calorie intake and a typical food day looks like:

Breakfast: Porridge & Honey

Lunch: Mixed salad with Tuna + a honey and mustard dressing

Snack: Strawberry Liberte yoghurt + Myprotein Strawberry protein powder.

Dinner: Noodles, Mushroom, Peppers, Onion + Chicken fillets & Teryaki sauce.

Snack: Apple

This is a baseline example of a food diary that Im currently going by.

I will start posting my actual workouts, It is something I always forget to do!

I adore the training elements but struggle so much with the food aspect.  ALL types of food are my favorite foods hahaha and find it really hard to be restrictive and be focused on the food im eating. So expect lots of grumpy instagram stories!

My weight never changes but I always see changes or fit into smaller clothes, so there will be plent of pic updates as I go through this the next few weeks. I really hope to minimize the amount of muscle loss that could occur.


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