Fitness Progress

Around July-ish of this year I decided to find a gym and hurl my ass into gear.

Earlier in the year, I had a biopsy and lump removed from my left boob, up until that point I never really considered the general upkeep/wellbeing of my body, my mindset was that it is always there just doing its thing – operating away, keeping the cogs working. So when you get a jolt like that, that maybe your body isn’t just always going to be working away fine, it really made me wake up to how I treat it. I never treated it bad per say, I just didn’t give it much consideration.

I would live off of coffee generally, because my daily life requires me to be on the move a lot and I hated the idea of just sitting down to eat – felt like a waste of time. So I just pumped my body with coffee, would crash horrifically in the evenings, get shit sleep and keep drinking the coffees to avoid the crashes. Fuck it, I got 12 Distinctions and an Entrepreneur and Innovation award living like this but, shit is not healthy for you.

I am HIGHLY competitive with myself, not really into comparing myself to other people. But I do have a hardcore ‘accomplish something today’ mindset, kind of just how my family is – all very ‘get up and go’. So I tend to not set specific ‘end goals’, I like to just see how far I can push myself until I go ‘yeah, Im happy with that!’ 

90% of what I do on a daily basis is quite mentally taxing and I liked the idea of shutting that off and seeing how far one can physically push themselves.

So I had never really bothered with gyms before, any brief encounter that I had in a gym was generally, dudes tensing their tits in a mirror for 40 minutes, doing 1 rep and another 40 minutes of tit tensing followed by the obligatory Instagram photo.

So anyways, like all things Bekka, I hunted through the internet for a Galway gym. There were PAGES and PAGES of gyms/PT’s who had paid for ranking in google (Which I don’t necessarily have a problem with, but I wanted to find a gym that ranked due to its popularity and engagement online) So Results Ireland was the first up without paid for ranking, so from there, I creeped through the social media of the gym and website. Most people/brands who follow me know I have a serious ‘no bullshit’ approach to what I do and the things I like – (I can also smell  marketing jargon galaxies away). So when the description of their Fitchick programme graced my eyeballs, I was interested, Initially by how many people get offended by it, followed by curiosity as to whether it was able to back up any of its claims. So I signed up and didn’t really have any expectations initially.

I turned up for the first class ( there’s 3 a week) and died. Genuinely thought I was going to get sick.

So, feeling super shook after that I turned up 2 days later to the second class and gradually got into the swing of it. After the initial month I had decided I hated it but liked it at the same time. By the end of the second month, I was into the swing of it and didn’t mind it at all. Also helps that my group that I train with are THEE baddest bitches Iv met in a long time! 

My trainer did out my macros and I downloaded my fitness pal app and did/do my best to stick to them. So I still drink my Starbucks, I now just strategise exactly when Il drink them! haha

SO Progress!

My selfies are either absolutely fucking fierce or look like I took them with a potato. Literally all of my progress pics are potato pics – don’t know why!

The Week I started the gym

3 Months Later

Start of my 6th month (Dec 3rd 2017)

Clothing sizes,

I went from 16 – 14- 12.

For some reason, All I could find at the mo were these back pics, I know I have other and Il update with new posts once I find them!



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