Estée Lauder just ‘Gets it’

When I think of brands that market to younger audiences I think of MAC, Inglot, Urban Decay and co.

Estée Lauder wouldn’t be high up on the list. Although, in the recent few years someone has clearly picked up that influencers not models sell.


The new face of Lauder is Kendall Jenner. Love her or hate her and her family, they are incredibly influential Among Many different age groups. Lauder plucked a model who is young, influential across all social media and RELEVANT to today’s generation. Their campaigns with Jenner are still elegant and classy as all Lauder campaigns are but it has that touch of excitement and buzz that surrounds the Jenner/Kardashian family.

Similarly enough, I was slightly surprised that the makeup for Emma Watson on the cover of British Vogue September issue was also all Estée Lauder!


I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing the future campaigns this brand put out visually.

I do love a good bright red/orange lipstick…