Damaged Hair? Here Is Your Hair Survival Kit!

We have all been there. I have been there NUMEROUS times and im back there right now.
About 2 years ago, I absolutely mauled my hair BEYOND the point of repair but couldnt find it in me to cut it up because my hair is a major part of my image and self confidence. All I could do was continue to nurse it and deal with the process.

My hair is back in the growth stage – FINALLY. So my main concern right now is nourishing the growth of new hair and strengthening up the damaged hair.

I have put together a hair survival kit of products I have used before and loved and included a new product I have never used before!

The Products:


Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner, Anti Snap Treatment and CAT Treatment.
Fortify hair to be 15x stronger.* 75%** reduction in breakage.
Extreme strengthening products give damaged hair the strength it needs to help prevent hair breakage and damage. Extreme shampoo, conditioner and mega mask, part of our SMART Haircare family, are now powered by RCT Protein Complex to fortify hair to be 15x stronger.* Extreme also infuses hair with proteins and can reduce hair breakage by up to 75%** with the combined use of Extreme Shampoo, Extreme Conditioner, and Extreme Anti-snap.

I have also picked up the Anti Snap leave in treatment and CAT reconstructuring treatment (not pictured)

While there is no solid scientific fact to prove that Biotin helps hair and nail growth, It seemingly does so Im going to give it a go! haha
Im willing to give it a shot anyways to find out!

Olaplex No 3
We all know this is a hair saviour. There is a post on here about it which you can read HERE

I adore this product so much and it makes my hair extensions feel like silk.

Fanola Restructuring Mask.
While I initially came across Fanola on Instagram, I bought into the hype and bought their ‘No Yellow Shampoo’ and their ‘No Orange Shampoo’. I have to admit I absolutely adore the products! So I saw amazing reviews for their restructing mask so decided to buy the 1500ml to try. It is jam packed of milk proteins and smells amazing! So I will see how this works over time. I have noticed my hair is super smooth and silky after using it.

I am using these religiously to see how they work over the next 2 or 3 months so I will report back after the 3 months and let you know how I get on!


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