Cranberry & Gold Look

For some reason, it was super hard to get the camera to focus on the cream super shock shadows!!
These are the shades I used:
Porter – Super shock eyeshadow


Weenie – Super Shock Eyeshadow


‘Smash’ – Super Shock Eyeshadow


‘Paradox’ – Super Shock Eyeshadow


Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Avenue’

This type of warm smokey eye with a pop of gold looks stunning on just about anyone!

Also, who doesn’t love red lip!?

This is Suuuuuuppper easy!

2 Blending brushes
Colourpop “Weenie’
Colourpop ‘Paradox’
Colourpop ‘Smash’
Colourpop ‘Porter’

Colourpop ‘Avenue’ Ultra Matte Lip.


I simply layered up Porter and Paradox on the outer corner of the eyelid and up along the crease. You don’t need to be neat with this!
I also out this mix under my eye as-wel.

I then put Smash over the inner corner and centre of my eye where there is no red eyeshadow and blended up to the crease.
Then I put Weenie over Smash on the inner corner to the centre of the eyelid.
To make the shades blend I went in and dabbed some of Paradox over where the red and gold meet.

I also must a small amount of Weenie on the inner corner of the lower eye
Then LAYERS of mascara! Then pop on some of ‘Avenue’ Ultra Matte Lip – I do recommend you line your lips first!

Give it a go recreating it! You could use any reddish/rust and gold shades to achieve this!
use the hashtag CranberryGold so I can check them out!
It is honestly super easy!