Chanel Skin Care – For Dry/Dehydrated skin

Do you have dry or dehydrated skin? or find your skin dries out in Winter due to the harsh weather?

Then the Chanel Comfort range is perfect for you!
Here is the low down on the products:

First up:
The Eye makeup remover is perfect for removing stubborn mascara and liner AND lip products!
Simply soak a cotton pad, place over the eye area for a few seconds and wipe away. The product dissolves makeup making removal easy!

Then Remove makeup from the face:
The Lait Confort cleansing milk is soothing and hydrating. It removes makeup from the skin without being vigorous.

Next step, is to restore the skins Ph Balance of water and Oil. To do this we need a toner.
The Lotion Confort has 0% alcohol so Won’t dry out your skin.

Keep an eye out for my next post which covers the perfect partner moisturiser.